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Do you want to install a flat roof on your home or new commercial space? Are you in need of roof repair and want to save some money?

Flat Roofing Service

Whether it is a residential or commercial property, the search for flat roofing contractors is over, as we will prove that AK Roofing is going to be your best decision.

Why is AK Enterprises the best Choice for your flat roof?

Whether you own a home or have a rental business plaza, it can take several days and weeks to complete your flat roof project. Whether it is flat roof installation or repair, exposing your property without covering properly with tar and gravel will make it vulnerable to the elements.

The more you expose the roof, the more you cause damage to the building. With all roofing systems you need to pay extra attention to air conditioning units, vents and anywhere else that may be a potential “leak point” into the building structure. Hiring qualified roofers like AK Roofing is the best move you can take because we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job effectively. We have seen many roofing systems gone wrong, when we have been out on roof repair gigs, and know what to look out for… especially in flat roofing.

The performance offered by your residential & commercial flat roof contractor is dependent on a number of factors.

Here are some things you should consider when looking for flat roofing services:

  • • The company’s experience specifically in flat roofing services
  • • The flat roofing techniques used by the roofing contractors
  • • The quality of the roofing products used for the new flat roof
  • • Safety, Certifications, Proper Insurance and other training


Our long years of experience working on a flat roof will help

We have years of experience in roofing maintenance and repairs, which makes it easy for us to install or fix flat roofs. With our wealth of experience, can ensure that your building can withstand extreme Canadian weather such as rain storms, winds, and heavy snow. However, making repairs yourself can cause a few mistakes that will be costly and cause more damage in the long-run. Always contact us if in need of a roofing job.


We have in-depth Flat Roofing Knowledge

Despite our years of experience and qualifications, we still undergo frequent training programs to learn new services and new techniques. Our years of experience in installing and repairing flat roofs allow us to know all the technologies, materials, machinery, and equipment needed to install and maintain your new roofing system.

Here at AK Roofing, we enhance our skills continuously, helping you to get our work done faster. We believe in working smarter and harder than the competition!


We understand that safety comes first

Another important reason why you should always reach out to AK Enterprise Roofing for your flat roofing is to ensure everyone’s safety. Falling can be a common incident that often happens to sub-contractors or Amateurs. It usually happens when they try and handle a job that is outside of their usual domain, like a large flat roofing project.

With no previous experience working with a flat roofing system you can easily slip off the ladder or even fall from hidden places under gravel and tar as the surface can become very slick. We are very efficient and are always aware of various hazards during repairs.


We carry out a proper survey and inspection

We are professionals, and we find it easy to handle your flat roofing. If we come for repair, by simply looking at the roof and checking it, it is easy to determine whether the ceiling has exceeded its service life or whether it only has repair damage. By conducting surveys and inspections, we can also inform you of the most convenient option you can choose for roof repairs within your budget.

Are you considering hiring a professional to help handle the flat roof installation process? If yes, you are only a step away from contacting AK enterprise. We will handle your roof replacement or new install from the beginning till the end, and we will give it the professional touch it deserves. Kindly send a message so you can get a quote.

If you are ready to hire the service of the best flat roof company, AK Enterprise Roofing is the best option. Kindly call us now to get your next project started.

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