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The Benefits Of Installing a Gutter Guard System

gutter guard system


One of the major problems with gutters is that they get clogged easily. Leaves, twigs, and other types of debris can disrupt the flow of water in rain gutters. That’s why you need true protection for your eavestrough from Valor Gutter Guards to help make things easier for you in the way of home maintenance. But there’s a lot to know about why you should install a new gutter guard system.


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Why You Need to Install a Gutter Guard System


Are you contemplating the installation of a new gutter guard system? Here is a list of common benefits:


a) Debris Prevention


Fallen leaves, twigs, pine cones – any type of debris can enter the rain gutter system and cause drain clogs, as well as several other problems. When water fails to flow across your gutters and out your downpipes because of debris, your eaves fail to do what they were installed for… channel water away from your home. Eventually, standing water and piled debris can erode your foundation and cause foundation problems for your house.


b) Pest Control


Gutters without guards attract rodents and squirrels. The debris and other leaves in autumn can make a warm nest for mice in the winter. Sometimes its an invitation to take up residence inside your attic!  Ultimately, you want land critters and rodentes as far away from your roof as possible. Plus, any acorns or chestnuts can be an inviting treat for squirrels. By helping to keep the gutter clean, and clear you can avoid extra furry friends. The proper installation of a new gutter guard system will prevent this.


c) Fire Protection


It may sound strange, but gutter guards keep your house safe from fire. Dry debris can be catch fire quickly, especially from the embers of a fire or a barbeque. Gutter guards prevent the piling up of such debris. In windy regions, dry debris from the top of the gutter guard will fly away before causing risks. Its fairly unlikely that this would happen, but with too much debris in the gutters, it’s possible.


d) Ice Protections


Debris in unguarded gutters can make standing water, and if it stays long enough in the gutters it can freeze into ice. The weight of snow or rain adds to this ice and together. This weight on the gutters can cause them to droop or even break completely. The entire gutter can break and get separated from the roof’s fascia, failing to support the ice.


e) Mold and Rust Prevention


Water pooling in the gutter due to debris buildup can lead to the corrosion of the gutters. Damp leaves and twigs can also cause mold. Rust and mold can destroy the surface and the color of the gutters. Things can start to worsen as your gutters decay, and you find it hard to prevent more damage. Not to mention its a eye sore.


Gutter guards can keep away the effects of snow and ice buildup, give debris protection, prevent water from pooling even during heavy rain, and more. Thus, gutter guards help to extend the life of gutters and prevent repeated gutter repairs. They also help keep the gutter clean, thus reducing the frequency of gutter cleaning and your regular gutter cleaning cost.


Types of Eavestrough Guards


There are different types of gutter guards, and it is a good idea to know about the different options for gutter guards before their installation.


1. Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards


A micro-mesh gutter guard is one of the common gutter screens with a tight weave to keep out the smallest particles of debris while allowing water to flow.


2. Reverse Curve Gutter Guards


Reverse curve guards, or surface tension gutter guards, make water move along a textured surface before entering the gutters while the debris is removed from the gutter’s edge.


3. Brush Gutter Guards


Brush gutter guards look like a pipe cleaner and have bristles to block debris while allowing water to pass inside the gutters.


4. Foam Gutter Guards


Foam guards fit inside rain gutters to stop debris and allow easy water flow through their pores. They are also easily installed.


5. Screen Gutter Guards


A mesh gutter screen is a type of gutter guard with a large mesh size for animal and larger debris and leaf protection while water flows through the gutter covers.


The type of gutter guard you need depends on the problems in your location, weather conditions, the kind of leaf guard you need, etc. AK Roofing has been in the roofing industry since 1979, that is over 40 years of experience, and we have never seen better quality in a protection system than Valor Gutter Guards.



Gutter Guard Materials


Gutter guards are made of different materials. These include:


  • Aluminum – Aluminum perforated gutter guards are most common in the form of weatherproof aluminum mesh guards. They should be coated or painted to prevent discoloration.
  • Steel – Steel screens are another common type of gutter guard. They are heavier than aluminum perforated gutter guard products but also more durable.
  • Plastic/Vinyl – A plastic screen gutter guard is pocket-friendly and is manufactured easily. They are mostly used for making screen guards for gutter protection but are not as strong as metal guards.
  • Copper – Copper guards are not very common, and they are almost always used to match copper gutters to ensure that any other materials do not look odd or fail to match the copper gutters.
  • Foam: Exclusively used to make foam-style gutter guards, the foam wedges are useful but not very durable and have to be replaced much more frequently than metal guards.
  • Brush – Brush-style gutter guards are always made of polypropylene materials. Brush guard materials strong, and while they do not last as long as metal guards, they last longer than foam.


While metal guards can last anything between 10-25 years, other materials stay strong from 2 to 10 years. Before you make any final decision, have a look at this comparison chart for Gutter Guards.





Valor Gutter Guard System

Looking to Install Gutter Protection?


While gutter guards themselves need some maintenance, they can prevent regular cleaning and complete protection from different sizes of debris and leaves. If you have any questions or are in need of a gutter guard installation quote, Call us today:


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The cost of gutter guards depends on the amount needed for installation. For durable gutter guards, you can learn more here Valor Gutter Guard System.

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