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Shingle Roof Replacement Company

If you are looking to book a roofing inspection or think you may have a problem with your roof, address it right away. Unmounted flashings, missing shingles, or the occasional loose eavestrough can be fixed at your leisure. However, serious roof leaks, due to missing granules across the entire roof may be cause to call in a roofing company in right away. When these things are discovered, especially after severe weather like hail or wind storms, the only solution is to go for a complete replacement.


Asphalt shingles are, arguably, the most popular roofing materials being used in residential roofing services today in Ontario, Canada. There are a wide variety of asphalt shingle types that you can choose from depending on your preferences like style, size, color, costs, warranties, lifespan, and more.


Depending on what had happened to the shingles, in some cases the cost of the asphalt shingles are covered by your home insurance company depending on the damage caused, and what the roof inspectors find. In most cases insurance coverage is a hard road to go down, unless it is apparent that a storm caused the majority of the damage to the roof. We recently wrote a blog article on how to tell if you really need a roof shingle replacement.



The Shingle Roof Replacement Procedure


Roof shingles tend to remain intact for many years if installed correctly. If not, installed by a professionally trained roof team, certified by the shingle manufacture, you may be taking a serious risk with roof repairs or even failure in a short period of time after installation.


Thus, it is crucial to get your asphalt roofing right the first time and avoid future roofing replacements down the line. The asphalt roof installation procedure is pretty straightforward, although it does require an expert roofing contractor for customer satisfaction. Our roofing crews have all been trained by the manufacture to install their type of roofing materials to ensue excellent workmanship.



Starting Asphalt Roof Replacement (The Tear-Off)


The first phase is to remove all the shingles as possible and remove the asphalt layers from the roof deck. Using the proper tools (roof rake) the the shingles will pull out quickly, and deposited into the garbage bins below for proper disposal. We will also check if the plywood does not have any damage underneath the layer of shingles. For the average roof size a shingle tear off will take around an 8 hour day of labour to complete.


Once the first shingle is taken out, the work starts to get relatively easier. The same process needs to be done on the other sections of the roof, but the more shingles you take out, the simpler the whole process becomes. Asphalt shingle roof replacements are best done during in the fall months, as its not too hot or too cold. With temperatures around 45′ to 65′ the shingles makes good contact with the roof to set and seal.



Remove Excess Nails


The next best practice is to remove any excess nails from the plywood or roof deck. This is to avoid the nails from going through the new shingles and damaging it or creating gaps underneath the next layer of shingles. With use of a pry bar or a good roofing hammer our team will locate the areas where the nails are and gently pull them upward and out of the wood. For roofs with multiple layers of shingles, more nails may need to be removed as such roofing systems are usually sealed more heavily than single-layered structures. We do a final sweep of the ground, especially near the garage with a roof magnet to pick up any loose nails that may be hiding in your driveway.



Replace the Asphalt Shingles


Once the roof is bare and you have a good ice and water shield laid down, you can put on some underlayment and get the shingles started. The new roof can now easily be installed into the spot. With the use of a nail gun, you start your first square, edges and finally the edge cap shingles. As for the sealant, apply a few patches underneath every shingle and gently apply pressure on the shingle afterward.



Types of Roof Shingles


Now that the process of roof replacement has been addressed, let us take a look at the wide variety of roof shingles.


Three Roof Shingle Types


3-Tab Shingles (or Three-Tab Shingles)


Asphalt three-tab shingles are the most common form of shingles available these days. The name originates from the process of installing these unique style of roofing materials. They are extremely light and compact as well as having a unique look.


In terms of costs, if you get some estimates, you will come to realize that getting asphalt three-tab shingles is significantly cheaper than going with any other shingle. They do not come with a lot of variety in terms of design, but they can be quite cheap and remain intact for over two decades.


Architectural Shingles


Dimensional or architectural shingles are popular due to their multi-dimensional look. That is because multiple layers of these shingles are installed on roofs, contributing to their durability and overall strength. The level of customization that can be done on these designs is vast. Dimensional shingles can last over a quarter of a century if maintained properly.


Luxury / Premium Shingle


Luxury or premium shingles are the best of the lot when it comes to pricing and longevity. They offer the best protection from the elements (like water damage) and can mimic the designs of almost any type of asphalt shingle out there. On top of that, these shingles tend to be quite heavy, which makes them even more resistant to hail storms and hurricanes. Luxury shingles have an average lifespan of around three decades if kept well.



The Factors to Consider When Starting a Roof Replacement


Finally, let us analyze the factors to consider when going for a shingle roof repair or complete roofing installation.




The idea is simple: A home roofing company can not perform roofing inspections, replacements, or repairs when the weather is bad. Rain or snow will prevent the work from happening and make it impossible to attach the shingles to the roof deck. During summer, it is difficult to detach the seal as it tends to become gooey and stretchy. Thus, fall is the ideal time for roof replacement.


Roofing Materials


The process of installation may depend on the roofing materials being used. Metal Roofs for instance be be installed year round without an issue. Furthermore, under our current COVID situation, it has somewhat impacted every form of logistics including the roofing industry. In some cases we would need to wait for shingles to arrive, wasting time in the process. Local contractors can provide the ideal suggestions under such circumstances to ensure you are receiving excellent customer services.


Roof Size / Steep Roof


The larger the roof, the longer it will take for the installation to be completed. A standard 1,700 sq ft roof might take around 2-3 days. If the roof size is doubled, or is very steep expect to wait over a week for the completion of work.


Available Warranties


The ideal warranty to look out for is one that is proportional to the potential durability of the shingles. This indicates one of two things: Firstly, the manufacturers are confident of their products, and secondly, almost the entire lifespan of the shingles is secured by warranty. Various manufacture warranties and a 15-year workmanship warranty are examples of the ones provided by the roofers themselves. Metal is the only roofing material that would provide a Lifetime Warranty.


Extent of Damage


Roofs with a significant amount of existing damages are comparatively harder to re-shingle as each damage needs to be addressed separately before initiating the whole roof installation procedure. Some solutions might be simplistic, but some issues may take a lot of time to have repaired. Specifically if you get into cases with roof construction.


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