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Repair Your Roof: 5 Signs Your Soffit and Fascia Need Maintenance

Soffit Fascia Repairs and Maintenance

Do your soffit and fascia look like they are need of repair?


Your roof’s soffit and fascia have both a practical and aesthetic purpose. Not only do they give the edges of your roof a finished look, but also they help keep water and unwanted pests out of your home.


When they become damaged, they can’t do either of these jobs well. How do you know when you need fascia and soffit repair?


Here are 5 roofing maintenance signs to watch for.



1. Presence of Pests


As we mentioned, roof soffit and fascia are designed to help keep pests out of your home. If you’re noticing mouse droppings in the attic or evidence of bugs in your home, something may be wrong with your system.


Figuring out the problem yourself may be difficult unless there are glaring holes in your soffit. Don’t hesitate to call in the professionals.



2. Paint Damage


Part of the point of the soffit and fascia is to make your roof look nice. It isn’t performing well if the paint is chipping and peeling.


You’ll want to take a careful look if you notice this. Damaged paint usually means there is an underlying problem. There may be moisture getting inside, meaning you might need some soffit and fascia repair.



3. Water Stains


Keep an eye on the ceiling inside your home, particularly near the outside walls. If water is getting inside your roof and pooling, it can begin to drip through and leave stains on your ceiling. You might not see obvious water drips, but you’ll see yellow or brown discoloration. This is a sure sign that you could use a roofing repair service.



4. Unstable Gutters


Gutters are an excellent tool for diverting water away from your roof — unless there is a clog or leak. Clogs can cause water to pool both in the gutter and on top of the roof if the problem gets big enough. We don’t have to tell you why puddles of water on your roof are an issue.


Additionally, gutters are attached to the fascia. So, if you notice your gutters are sagging or seem unstable, the fascia may be rotting away underneath.



5. Damage in the Soffit Cavity


If you think that water may be getting into the roof, take a trip up to your attic. Carefully examine the soffit cavity for signs of water. If the problem is really bad, there may be enough to see standing water or even water dripping or running.


However, this is unlikely. You’ll have to look closely for discoloration or more subtle signs of moisture or water damage.



Do Your Soffit and Fascia Need Maintenance?


If you notice any of these signs your soffit and fascia may need maintenance and possibly some roof repairs or replacement.


Don’t trust just anyone with this important maintenance task. A shoddy job will lead to more moisture problems and even having to replace your roof, an expensive undertaking.


Look up AK Enterprises Roofing for our reviews online. We’ve been offering professional services since 1979 so you know you can trust our roofing services.


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